Requirements 101

Every two weeks my team (by which I mean my peers as defined by the org-chart, rather than the team from a particular project I may be working on) has a team meeting.

We talk about what we’re each working on and what we have coming up, we take some time to celebrate our accomplishments, discuss any issues or barriers… you know the kind of thing.

Anyway, we take turns to host and facilitate the meeting, and today it’s my turn. Part of the expectation in hosting is that I introduce an agenda item of my choosing that the cross-functional group (consisting of operations and projects people) might find interesting or beneficial.

I decided to talk about what makes for good requirements. In preparation for this I read a research paper that tells me that 68% of companies have created an environment where project success is “improbable” due to poor business analysis capability.

Requirements are important, then. Who knew?

It was tough to limit myself to a mere 15 minutes on this topic because of course I could talk for hours, but I managed somehow (or rather - since I’m actually writing this post in advance of the meeting - I’m sure I probably will).

Since sharing is caring, I’ve embedded my slide-deck below. It works just like PowerPoint (click anywhere inside the image to move forwards).

Sadly you won’t get the benefit of listening to my insightful commentary, but if you want to click through to the file on OneDrive you will at least be able to view my typed speaking notes on each slide (using the link in the bottom-right of the screen) if you wish.

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