New Code Projects: Backblaze B2 Version Cleaner & VBA SharePoint List Library

It’s been a while since I’ve posted code of any description, but I’ve been working on a couple of things recently that I’m going to make publicly available on my GitLab page (and my mirror repository at

Backblaze B2 Version Cleaner

I wrote last week about transitioning my cloud backup to Backblaze’s B2 service, and I also mentioned a feature of it that’s nice but also slightly problematic to me: it keeps an unlimited version history of all files.

That’s good, because it gives me the ability to go back in time should I ever need to, but over time the size of this version history will add up - and I’m paying for that storage.

So, I’ve written a script that will remove old versions once a newer version of the same file has reached a certain (configurable) “safe age.”

For my purposes I use 30 days, so a month after I’ve overwritten or deleted a file the old version is discarded. If I haven’t seen fit to roll back the clock before then my chance is gone.

Get the code here!

VBA SharePoint List Library

This one I created for work. Getting data from a SharePoint list into Excel is easy, but I needed to write Excel data to a list. I assumed there’d be a VBA function that did this for me, but as it turns out I was mistaken - so I wrote one!

At the time of writing this is in “proof of concept” stage. It works, but it’s too limited for primetime (it can only create new list items, not update existing ones, and each new item can only have a single field).

Out of necessity I’ll be developing this one pretty quickly though, so check back regularly! Once it’s more complete I’ll be opening it up to community contributions.

I have no plans to add functions that read from SharePoint to this library, but once I have the basic framework down that wouldn’t be too hard to add if you’re so inclined. Just make sure you contribute back!

Get the code here!

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