Hello (again), world…

Recently, the automated scripts that run my website have broken. I can run them manually just fine, but I don’t really want to do that. They’re supposed to run all on their own at 16 minutes past every hour.

The website is hosted with a free provider so much as I can complain, it doesn’t mean they’ll get around to fixing it any time soon. My website is a mix of things I like to keep online. There’s a library of photos and video that I share, but increasingly in these days of social media things like that are much more fleeting - when you share something online people care about it for an hour or so, then it’s forgotten amongst the noise of newer updates from other friends.

The infrastructure for all this is not easy to maintain on an individual basis, so I think I’m just going to stop doing it.

I’m not sure yet, but tumblr just might be my new online home. I think I can write some code that will run on my home server every day to post a few automated updates so that pictures I take and updates I post elsewhere will automatically feed into here, and I won’t worry about the old photo albums and videos because nobody really cares to go that far back anyway.

But we’ll see if I ever get around to updating it or not. I haven’t updated my previous blog in two months though, so there’s not a lot of point maintaining it.

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