Generations of Hope

You may or may not know, but Flo and I are in the midst of a cycle of IVF right now in our attempt to conceive and create a more compact and portable version of me (or something similar). Flo has been blogging about the process. Not every aspect of the journey is wonderful, especially for Flo - but regardless of that and regardless of the outcome we’re fortunate to have the chance to participate.

IVF in Alberta is not funded by the government or any health plan, and it isn’t cheap. Even aside from the procedure itself, the drugs Flo has been required to inject herself with are a significant expense.

We’re very fortunate. We have two decent incomes and with a little cutting back here and there we’re able to afford treatment without any significant hardship. The drugs are covered by the healthcare plan our employer provides.

Not everyone is that lucky, and that’s where Generations of Hope comes in. This registered charity does two important things: it campaigns and petitions the Alberta legislature to fund IVF treatment in the province (this would actually save the taxpayer money, not cost money), and it provides a fund offering assistance to people who are unable to afford to pay for the treatment themselves.

This evening I made a donation to the organization, and I’d be delighted if you’d consider doing the same. I donated through and as a result ATB matched 15% of my donation to an Alberta-based charity. It was also extremely easy: a couple of clicks and some credit card details were all it took.

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