Welcome to my feed! It takes the content I post to twitter, foursquare, instagram and stumbleupon and mashes everything together onto a single, privacy destroying page for your reading convenience!

Of all the stuff I have on this site, this part should be considered much more of a "work in progress" than anything else.

In the future things I post to tumblr under shrapnel will also appear in this stream.

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Jason Williams(via twitter)Sep 1, 2019It's #AirplaneSelfie time, no matter how much @asiancwgrl might roll her eyes. Off to #YVR we go, then across to Va……
Jason Williams(via twitter)Sep 1, 2019Off to #YVR (@ Calgary International Airport - @flyyyc in Calgary, AB w/ @asiancwgrl)
Jason Williams(via foursquare)Sep 1, 2019Off to #YVR
Calgary International Airport (YYC), 2000 Airport Rd. Northeast, Calgary, Canada
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 4, 2018Dinner overlooking the bay #YVR #TheRoadTripContinues @ English Bay…
Jason Williams(via instagram)May 4, 2018Dinner overlooking the bay #YVR #TheRoadTripContinues
Jason Williams(via twitter)Sep 28, 2016#Repost @asiancwgrl with repostapp
Sun setting over downtown #YVR @ Horizons on Burnaby…
Jason Williams(via twitter)Sep 28, 2016Sun is setting over #YVR #NoFilter @ Horizons on Burnaby Mountain
Jason Williams(via instagram)Sep 28, 2016Sun is setting over #YVR #NoFilter
Jason Williams(via twitter)Apr 8, 2014Home sweet home for @asiancwgrl and I! @SnoopysBF has been picked up from his vacation too and is very excited to receive his gifts fr #YVR.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Apr 7, 2014Good day in #YVR! We walked all over the place, filled ourselves with Greek food, and now we're lying in bed watching movies. /@asiancwgrl