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Kyle Brittain(via twitter)May 31, 2020Lightning hit the CALGARY TOWER!!

#yyc #abstorm @weathernetwork
Ryan White(via twitter)May 21, 2020Infographic: Total COVID-19 cases in areas within the City of Calgary as of May 20, 2020 #yyc #COVID19AB…
Jason Williams(via twitter)Mar 1, 2020Planning our route back to #YYC in the most Canadian way possible ☕
Jason Williams(via twitter)Feb 21, 2020Good morning, #YYC! It's time for me to pull my Calgary socks up and carpe this effin' diem.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Dec 24, 201915 Yemen Road, Yemen. He's 13 hours from #YYC. I'm monitoring the situation closely, as usual. #Santa…
Jason Williams(via twitter)Nov 2, 2019Sunrise in #YYC, last week 🌇
I feel like I should superimpose an inspirational quote on it.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Sep 8, 2019...and back to #YYC we go, after snapping the traditional family #AirplaneSelfie of course.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Sep 8, 2019Dinner, drinks, and back to #YYC (@ Vancouver International Airport - @yvrairport in Richmond, BC w/ @asiancwgrl)
Jason Williams(via foursquare)Sep 8, 2019Dinner, drinks, and back to #YYC
Vancouver International Airport (YVR), 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, Canada
City of Calgary(via twitter)Jul 13, 2019Yahoo, did you hear the news? Electric scooter sharing has officially launched in #yyc!
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 22, 2019I dot know why this wasn't available asoon as they opened the new Inernational terminal at #YYC, but its here now.…
Jason Williams(via twitter)Mar 5, 2019It's perhaps not @limebike weather here in #YYC right now, but this pleases me nonetheless. Can we add @car2go and……
Jason Williams(via instagram)Dec 9, 2018It's another glorious day for a weekend morning big big walk with @snoopysbf! #NoFilter on today's obligatory landscape pics. 🐕🐾📸 #YYC #Weekend #Morning #BigBigWalk
Jason Williams(via instagram)Nov 12, 2018Almost forgot to post the obligatory landscape pics from this morning's weekend morning big big walk with @snoopysbf! #NoFilter on these bad boys, because it's beautiful out there today. #Weekend #Morning #BigWalk #YYC
Jason Williams(via instagram)Nov 4, 2018A slightly earlier weekend morning big big walk with @snoopysbf today because he forgot to set his watch back an hour last night - but we're both very happy that the mornings are lighter now. Anyone want some obligatory landscape pics? 📷🐕⛅ #Weekend
Jason Williams(via twitter)Nov 3, 2018Can anyone recommend a #YYC electronics store? Where do you go when you suddenly find you need a light dependent re……
Jason Williams(via instagram)Aug 19, 2018It's a smokey weekend morning big big walk with @snoopysbf this morning, although it does seem to be better than the past few days. #NoFilter #Smokey #YYC #Weekend #BigBigWalk 🐕
Jason Williams(via instagram)Aug 12, 2018It's a smokey and cloudy weekend morning big big walk with @snoopysbf this morning, and 12° feels great to walk around in after the 38° debacle from two days ago. #Weekend #Morning #BigBigWalk #Smokey #YYC 🐕
Jason Williams(via twitter)Aug 10, 2018Stay cool out there, #yyc.…
Jason Williams(via instagram)Aug 10, 2018Stay cool out there, #yyc.