Yay, Cloud!

For years, my media collection has lived on the desktop computer in my office (well, for as long as I’ve had the computer anyway. Before that it lived on my laptop). When I installed my home server I copied everything over but I kept things on the desktop PC as well as a backup.

The server has a 2TB drive in it, but the desktop PC not so much and it was starting to run out of space.

Today, with the help of Amazon Glacier, I’ve relocated my backup from my home server to the cloud. The server is backing up right now, and I estimate it’s going to take around 8 hours. It’s freed up some significant space on my PC though, and the computer already feels faster as a result (or maybe it’s all in my mind, who knows).


In other server news, the server has now been running comfortably without any downtime or rebooting for 86 days.


It will just crack 100 before I move to my new apartment and the clock resets back to zero.