Synchronized Swinging

Earlier tonight @asiancwgrl and I went to Bowness Park. We took a stroll along the river, and played on the swings a little bit. At one point while we were swinging we were in pretty good sync. It reminded me a little of the synchronized diving coverage I saw from the Olympics last week.


I’ve decided that synchronized swinging should be an Olympic sport. @asiancwgrl suggests there could be little synchronized foot movements that you’d be judged on.

I think I should start the Calgary Synchronized Swinging Club and start advertising it to drum up interest. It would be brilliant. Not only would a new sport be formed, but there’d also be the comedy value of couples showing up to the “swinging club.”

Couple: “Uh… is this the Calgary Synchronized Swinging Club?”
Me: “Yep. Get on the swings.” (Points to playground equipment)
Couple: “We thought… nevermind. OK.”