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Of all the stuff I have on this site, this part should be considered much more of a "work in progress" than anything else.

In the future things I post to tumblr under shrapnel will also appear in this stream.

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G Suite(via twitter)May 23, 2018To adapt to the massive changes coming to the industry, @atbfinancial made the move from Microsoft Office to G Suit……
Dan Semmens(via twitter)May 22, 2018Great recognition from #BluePrismWorld on ATB’s journey to create simplified experiences for our Customers with Rob……
Charlie Brown(via twitter)May 22, 2018Bark bark bark, woof.
Flo(via twitter)May 22, 2018Happy 9th Birthday to my little (Big #yorkie)……
The Onion(via twitter)May 22, 2018Queen Elizabeth Announces Success Of Monarchy’s Recent Diversity Initiative
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 22, 2018Mum went home this weekend, so my vacation is officially over. Calorie counting resumes today. #Snacks
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 22, 2018I didn't know we got mail on holidays?
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 22, 2018This was 12 years old when someone gave it to my……
Jason Williams(via instagram)May 22, 2018This was 12 years old when someone gave it to my father, 15 years ago. I "rescued" it from the study when I was home a few weeks ago. Cracking it open now.
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 21, 2018Out too celebrate @SnoopysBF 's birthday. Unfortunately he couldn't come, because he's a dog. (@ Swiss Chalet in Ca……
Jason Williams(via instagram)May 21, 2018This morning was the return of the weekend morning big big walk with @snoopysbf! Here's the obligatory landscape shot.
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 21, 2018Last day for the Frida Kahlo exhibit. (at @Glenbow Museum in Calgary, AB w/ @asiancwgrl)
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 21, 2018Throwback to Mother's Day in the mountains.
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 20, 2018I just (finally) got on the crowdfunding bandwagon and backed my first @Indiegogo campaign. Specifically, this one:…
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 20, 2018Prepped my bike for the season and rode it for the first time this year. I did a 14 minute loop through the neighborhood and I'm dead now.
Flo(via twitter)May 19, 2018Dropped @jaywll 's Mum off at the Airport. 😥……
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 19, 2018(Very) early dinner, before mum leaves 😞 (@ Pacini in Calgary, AB w/ @asiancwgrl)
Jake Lambert(via twitter)May 19, 2018Not 100% sold on this The Crown / Suits crossover.
Jason Williams(via twitter)May 19, 2018Brunch. We're trying to fit in two meals before mum leaves this afternoon so time is tight. (@ Sunset Grill in Calg……
Jon(via twitter)May 19, 2018Date: What do you do?
Me: [holds up menu] you just choose a meal from this book of food