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Of all the stuff I have on this site, this part should be considered much more of a "work in progress" than anything else.

In the future things I post to tumblr under shrapnel will also appear in this stream.

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Jason Williams(via twitter)Aug 8, 2020@RobDenBleyker I'm excited to get back to my “every other day” hand-washing schedule.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Aug 8, 2020I'll pass.
Thoughts of Dog®(via twitter)Aug 7, 2020i made a list. of all the things i do. when you’re not home

1. wait for you to get back
Jason Williams(via twitter)Aug 5, 2020@voipms Do you offer UK mobile numbers, or do any of the UK non-geographic numbers that you have include SMS? I can……
Pod Save America(via twitter)Aug 5, 2020What is the job of a journalist?

"If person A says it's raining outside, and person B says it's not, your job is n……
Jason Williams(via twitter)Aug 3, 2020@MichePriest That's what I ended up getting (the 32oz narrow-mouth version), and it's not 😔
Jason Williams(via twitter)Aug 3, 2020@MichePriest I had more or less the same requirements but I forgot to include "fits in a car cupholder" because thi……
Quite Interesting(via twitter)Aug 3, 2020Compound swears, like shitgibbon, work best when the second word is a two-syllable word where the first syllable is……
Jason Williams(via twitter)Aug 1, 2020...but ...why?
For the love of God why?
The Cork Coypu(via twitter)Jul 29, 2020God I love this country
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 29, 202011.8 electric kms 🔌🚘🔋⚡
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 26, 2020It's a beautiful day for a #Weekend #Morning #ExtraMediumWalk with @snoopysbf! We snapped the obligatory landscape……
Olive Garden(via twitter)Jul 26, 2020Breadsticks are more than a food. They're a lifestyle. 💁‍♀️
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 25, 2020@Casey Do you know how long that's going to take?
Naheed Nenshi(via twitter)Jul 25, 2020Rest In Peace, Turk. You gave us more than you could have ever known.…
Quite Interesting(via twitter)Jul 23, 2020The Icelandic word for Walkman is vasadiskó - literally 'pocket disco'.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 23, 2020@asiancwgrl and I both consumed the ice-cream floats we got on our date afternoon much too quickly to take any phot……
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 22, 2020Ice-cream float date afternoon! (@ Pixie's Candy Parlour in Calgary, Alberta w/ @asiancwgrl)
Jason Williams(via foursquare)Jul 22, 2020Ice-cream float date afternoon!
Pixie's Candy Parlour, 11135 14 Street Northeast, Calgary, Canada
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 19, 2020🦆