Welcome to my feed! It takes the content I post to twitter, foursquare, instagram and stumbleupon and mashes everything together onto a single, privacy destroying page for your reading convenience!

Of all the stuff I have on this site, this part should be considered much more of a "work in progress" than anything else.

In the future things I post to tumblr under shrapnel will also appear in this stream.

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Charlie Brown(via twitter)Jun 14, 2019Bark.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 14, 2019There was some thunder earlier this afternoon so @snoopysbf came to hang out in my office to make sure I was OK.……
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 12, 2019Afternoon meetings. (@ Made By Marcus in Calgary, Alberta)
Charlie Brown(via twitter)Jun 12, 2019Woof bark, woof bark.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 10, 2019Almost forgot to post the obligatory landscape pic from today's #Weekend #Morning #BigBigWalk with @snoopysbf! 🐾🌄……
Quite Interesting(via twitter)Jun 9, 2019Instances of Islamophobia in Liverpool have dropped 18.9% since Mohamed Salah joined LFC in 2017.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 7, 2019'What I am most excited about is how we are using this technology to change our customer experience,’ said Heather……
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 7, 2019Well this is crazy awesome.…
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 6, 2019Squad lunch! (@ Korean Village Restaurant in Calgary)
IMDb(via twitter)Jun 6, 2019#OnThisDay June 5th, 1985 was the day Ferris Bueller and his buddies played hooky in the classic John Hughes film '……
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 6, 2019This changes everything.…
Epcot Centre(via twitter)Jun 4, 2019People I don’t know shouldn’t be replying to this Twitter account. They should be spending time with their families……
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 3, 2019The #TiltShift extravaganza continues.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 2, 2019#NoFilter needed on today's obligatory landscape pic from my #Weekend #Morning #BigBigWalk with @snoopysbf. It's an……
Charlie Brown(via twitter)Jun 2, 2019Woof woof woof woof, woof.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 2, 2019I'm at Top Gear Car Wash Ltd in Calgary, AB
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 1, 2019Food! Coffee! (at @TimHortonsNews in Calgary, AB w/ @asiancwgrl)
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 1, 2019New outdoor sectional acquired! (@ The @HomeDepot in Calgary, AB w/ @asiancwgrl)
Charlie Brown(via twitter)Jun 1, 2019Bark woof.
Jon Erlichman(via twitter)May 28, 2019On this day in 1987: the GIF launches

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