Welcome to my feed! It takes the content I post to twitter, foursquare, instagram and stumbleupon and mashes everything together onto a single, privacy destroying page for your reading convenience!

Of all the stuff I have on this site, this part should be considered much more of a "work in progress" than anything else.

In the future things I post to tumblr under shrapnel will also appear in this stream.

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Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 18, 2019Bi-weekly squad lunch! (@ La Casa Latina in Calgary, AB)
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 16, 2019Coffee with Janice, somewhere a little different this time. (@ Annie's Bakery & Cafe in Calgary, Canada)
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 13, 2019🤠🎡🎪🐎
City of Calgary(via twitter)Jul 13, 2019Yahoo, did you hear the news? Electric scooter sharing has officially launched in #yyc!
Charlie Brown(via twitter)Jul 12, 2019Woof, bark woof bark bark.
XKCD Comic(via twitter)Jul 12, 2019Flag Interpretation
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 11, 2019Team building! (@ Stampede Park in Calgary, AB)
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 7, 2019Brilliant
Epcot Centre(via twitter)Jul 6, 2019Folks are upset that the Fountain of Nations is closing but there are plenty of nice fountains all over the place,……
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 4, 2019Squad lunch! 🍣🍱 (@ Kanpai Sushi in Calgary, AB)
Charlie Brown(via twitter)Jul 2, 2019Woof woof woof!
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 1, 2019I made a thing 🍔
#Burger #BBQ #CanadaDay #LateLunch #EarlyDinner
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jul 1, 2019Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦
@snoopysbf and I celebrated by going on a #BigBigWalk. Here's the obligatory landscape pic.……
Charlie Brown(via twitter)Jun 28, 2019Bark woof.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 27, 2019There's room on the new sofa for three @asiancwgrl if you lie them end to end.
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 27, 2019My new man chair was delivered 15 minutes ago and has immediately been misappropriated 🧐
Charlie Brown(via twitter)Jun 23, 2019Bark bark.
ᴊᴜʟs(via twitter)Jun 23, 2019It’s a turtle race
just tap a turtle and retweet pls
Jason Williams(via twitter)Jun 23, 2019As the obligatory landscape pic here will attest, it's a rainy #Weekend #Morning #BigBigWalk with @snoopysbf today.……
Simone Giertz(via twitter)Jun 19, 2019I got tired of waiting for @Tesla to release their pickup truck so I made my own.